19 injured after falling from tree in Maryland garage during children’s birthday party

19 people were injured in Maryland on Sunday after a tree fell in a garage during a boy’s birthday party, authorities said.

The tree fell in the Pasadena garage, some 20 miles south of Baltimore, during a heavy storm, according to NBC affiliate WBAL.

The victims said they were celebrating outside, where the storm came, and took refuge in the separate garage, thinking it would be safe there, the local affiliate reported.

Six people were trapped by the tree when the Anne Arundel County Fire Department arrived on the scene. They were all released “in 45 minutes,” they wrote on Twitter.

Among the 19 injured and taken to the hospital, 17 were adults and two were children, the fire department said. One was seriously injured, five were seriously injured and 13 sustained minor injuries, according to Anne Arundel County.