18% of developers are working on next generation games


Only 2% say that these games are exclusive next generation.

By Colin Stevens

According to a recent report, about 18 percent of developers are working on next generation games in some way.

This data comes from GDC's State of the Gaming Industry 2019 report, which surveyed nearly 4,000 developers, providing an indicative, but not perfectly accurate, view of what many developers around the world are doing. Specifically, approximately 16 percent of the developers said they are working on games for both existing and unannounced platforms, while only 2 percent said they are working exclusively on unannounced platforms.

Naturally, this leaves most developers working on the platforms currently advertised, as 46 percent of respondents said they are creating games exclusively for existing platforms, and the rest said they did not know at this time. Naturally, without new-generation consoles being officially introduced, it makes sense for most developers to focus on the current generation.

On the issue of the current generation platforms, 56 percent of developers said that their latest game was released for PC, 33 percent had its latest launch on mobile platforms, 24 percent launched on PlayStation 4, the 20 percent released on Xbox One and 9 percent released on the Nintendo switch.

However, all those numbers changed upwards for all the platforms listed above when asked which platforms the developers were currently developing, or on which platforms they anticipated their next game would be launched. While this suggests that developers anticipate launching on more platforms in general, Nintendo Switch stood out, with 22 percent expecting their next game to be released on the platform: a big 9 percent increase that launched their last game on Nintendo Switch.

What's more, 45 percent of the developers mentioned Nintendo Switch as a platform they are interested in. Most of the surveyed developers who launched games on Switch and other platforms said those games sell as often or better on Nintendo Switch than others.

The Nintendo Switch installation base has continued to grow rapidly since its launch in 2017, and it became the best-selling console of 2018. This is combined with exclusive first-selling games that sell exceptionally well: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the Best of December 2018. Sale game.

There have not been many developers who have openly announced that they are developing games for next generation platforms. In particular, Bethesda announced during E3 2018 that its next game Starfield would come to the next generation platforms, although it could still appear on the consoles of the current generation. Bethesda then announced The Elder Scrolls 6, and revealed that it would be launched after Starfield, suggesting that it will also hit next-generation platforms.

Microsoft announced that the successor to Xbox One would be in development at E3 2018, and subsequent reports suggested it would be a family of devices codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart. In October 2018, Sony confirmed that it also has another console on the way.

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