18 New Valley COVID-19 Cases, 11 Counties in County |

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG – 18 new Valley COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, most of them in Union County. In its daily update on Monday, the Health Department confirmed 11 new Union County cases, now at 417, following the onset of the epidemic and six deaths. There are also five county long-term care facilities with the virus, including six inpatient cases, four employee cases and no deaths in those facilities.

Three new cases in Montour County have been confirmed in a total of 147 and five deaths. The two new cases in Snyder and Northumberland counties are 184 and three deaths and 766 overall and 39 deaths respectively. Monday’s update reported no change in the number of Northumberland County long-term care facilities.

Statewide, 547 new cases have been confirmed, with a total of 82% recovery since the statewide epidemic so far. 20 new deaths have also been confirmed, and the death toll in the state is over 7,700.

Among 19–24-year-old children in north central Pennsylvania, about 7 percent of cases in April are about 26 percent in August.

There are 1,608,378 people who have tested negative to date.

About 9,901 of the total cases are between health care workers.

County-specific information and a statewide map are available COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

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