1776 Commission to be dissolved through executive order

The commission was formed as a clear counter to the 1619 project of The New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize-winning project aimed at teaching American students about slavery, which Trump described last fall as “toxic propaganda ” said. The announcement comes two days after the release of an inflammatory report on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and hours before Biden took office from Trump, whose office was marked by racist statements and actions.

In its report released on Monday, The Commission stressed that “the civil rights movement almost turned into programs that ran counter to the lofty ideals of the founders,” particularly criticizing affirmative action policies and arguing identity politics ” It is contrary to the king’s hope that his children will survive. ” In a nation where justice will be done not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ‘”

Invoking today’s ideological divisions for those experienced during the Civil War, members of the commission also took aim at widespread use of ethnic and racial identities in feminists and American lives, arguing that they were constructed by “activists” Was.

“A radical women’s liberation movement re-organized America into a patriarchal system, stating that every woman is a victim of oppression by men. The Black Power and Black Nationalist movements led to America as a white supremacist regime Reorganized. Meanwhile, other activists created artificial groups to further divide. The report noted that American Americans created new categories such as ‘Asian American’ and ‘Hispanic.’ Have taught themselves to think and to connect different groups into politically united bodies.

Trump announced that he was setting up a previous commission following Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the country. He attributed the school curriculum to the violence, which led to some protests, stating, “Left-wing riots and scuffles are a direct result of decades of exile in our schools.”
Hillsdale College President Larry Arnon, who was criticized for his comments in 2013 when he said state officials went to college to see if enough “dark-eyed” nominees were elected to chair the commission . Carole Swain, who once wrote that Islam is “an absolute threat to us and our children,” was elected vice chairman.

Other Republicans have given the slogan to The 1619 Project and expressed similar sentiments about adopting ethnic and racial identities.

Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, introduced legislation last year that would prevent schools from teaching the curriculum. And Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, skipping one day in his term, took to his taxpayer-funded Twitter account, condemning multiculturalism, saying that it “is not America.”

“Wake-ism, multiculturalism, all-religions – they are not America. They spoil our glorious establishment and what this country is about. Our enemies stop these divisions because they know they make us weak, “He said on Tuesday. .

Nicole Hannah-Jones, creator of The 1619 Project, said Pompeo’s tweet proved the project’s thesis.

“When you say that multiculturalism is ‘not America’ and ‘spoils our glorious establishment’ you inadvertently confirm the logic of the 1619 project: although we were … a multiracial nation from our establishment, our establishment a Purses government of white rule. Cool, “she wrote Twitter, Also saying that the Trump administration had tried to censor the 1619 project.
In September, Trump said that the US Department of Education would investigate whether California schools were using the 1619 project in the public school curriculum, and that he held racial sensitivity training to federal agencies related to “white privilege” and “critical race doctrine” Banned to do.

This report was contributed by CNN’s Megan Vazquez, Jennifer Hansler, Kylie Atwood, Nicole Gouette and Kevin Liptak.


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