15-year-old Simi Valley boy dies from MIS-C, a rare pediatric disease associated with COVID-19

Simi Valley, California. (KABC) – The family of a 15-year-old Simi Valley boy is urging the public that the teenager recently died of a rare disease associated with COIDID-19 after taking the coronovirus epidemic seriously.

The family will tell you that, from a young age, Brady Wilson, involved in a theater, video production and choir at Simi Valley’s Santa Susanna High School, knew what it should be like.

His aunt Heather Brasil described him as “just a nice, sweet, genuine child”.

Brayden was diagnosed with COVID-19 just two weeks ago.

“He suffered organ failure,” Brasil said in an interview with ABC7, stating that his nephew was cautioned during the epidemic.

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It was not until Brayden suffered complications from an unrelated surgery that he tested positive for the virus, out of hospitals and eventually.

Brayden died last week, a few days after being transferred to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

His family was told that the cause is a rare pediatric complication arising from multisystem inflammatory syndrome or COVID-19 in children.

“It’s very shocking to see how he decided to have him,” Brasil said.

Brayden was a single child. Her mother is still recovering from COVID-19, regarding the loss of heartbreak.

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“He’s not doing very well emotionally,” Brasil said, “and that’s why I’m talking to you. She won’t be able to keep her competition.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been less than 17,000 MIS-C cases nationwide and only 26 deaths.

Still, Brayden’s aunt wants people to know that it can happen to anyone.

“It is very real. It should stop people and think,” she said, “even if it is inconvenient to follow safety practices.”

“But if it can help save someone’s life, I think it’s worth it.”

The family has established a GoFundMe account for Brayden’s memorial service and medical expenses. To help, go www.gofundme.com/f/braden-wilson-memorial-services.

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