15 spoiled celebrity interviews

“Unprofessional” is an understatement.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed community to tell us what moment of an interview with a celebrity was inappropriate or unnecessary. This is what they said:


When David Letterman sucked on Jennifer Aniston’s hair.


“She was clearly very uncomfortable, but she tried to stay professional. He’s so gross.”



When Oprah was insensitive to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen about her weight.


“When she interviewed the Olsen twins, she was so disrespectful the entire time. That interview is probably why they are now so notoriously private.”



When Wendy Williams asked Laverne Cox extremely personal questions about her transition.

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When Jay Leno asked Kanye West if his recently deceased mother would be ashamed of him for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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“I don’t support Kanye, but asking a question like that when someone is in such a vulnerable state is wrong.”



When Ellen made a complete set of English words that Sofía Vergara could and couldn’t pronounce.


“Ellen laughed at her the whole time.”



When Robert Downey Jr. was promoting a Marvel movie and was asked about his past drug use and arrest.

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“RDJ clearly looked like he didn’t want to answer, but the interviewer kept pushing him to the point where RDJ left the room.”



When Wendy Williams asked 18-year-old Marcus Scribner if he was a virgin.

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“He was super uncomfortable and to make matters worse, his dad was on camera watching it all. She said the reason he asked was because his character in Blackish he was sexually active. Luckily, he laughed nervously and said that the audience can use their imagination on that topic. “



When an interviewer asked One Direction which member of the band sleeps with the most women.


When Katie Couric asked Carmen Carrera if she had a butt operation.


“Carmen was not comfortable with the question. Laverne Cox was also on the show and quickly closed Katie with an eloquent explanation of why her line of questions was offensive.”

—My violent heart and soul


When an interviewer on the Grammys red carpet told Taylor Swift that she would be walking home with a lot of men that night.


When Ellen asked BTS if they have ever connected with their fans.


“So disrespectful and it made RM feel so uncomfortable. Then he took another step when they didn’t respond and asked the translator to translate for him. It’s not funny.”



When Howard Stern asked Harry Styles about his father and recently deceased stepfather.


When Ellen forced Mariah Carey to drink alcohol to prove she wasn’t pregnant.

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When David Letterman asked Lindsay Lohan questions about rehab that had not been approved.


“Letterman started embarrassing her about her addiction and her rehab failures, and kept pushing her. She handled it well, but ew.”



And when Ellen brought up Justin Bieber’s nude paparazzi photos and showed them on a giant screen.


“She was ignoring the fact that he was obviously uncomfortable.”


What other completely unexpected celebrity interview moment? Let us know in the comments.

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