15 Best Equipment You Can Buy Now From CES (2021)

In many ways, The CES 2021 gear team was different than any we’ve attended before. Instead of running around Las Vegas and dehydrating everything seriously, we sat home and watched the briefing after briefing on the zoom. But CES is still a festival of spending money. It is designed to invoke your most fundamental desires – whether it be the exquisite gaming chair, an inexpensive laptop, or the machine to eliminate single servings of delicious fro-yo. These are our favorite items displayed at CES that you can buy now to scratch that itch.

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Phones, headphones, and accessories

Moto snap-on stand

Photograph: Moft

  • Moto snap-on stand for $ 30: I want this. This snap-on stand puts your iPhone in portrait, landscape or “floating” mode and has space for holding three cards. We also included it in our guide to the best accessories for the iPhone 12.
  • Moto G Play for $ 170: Motorola refreshed its budget phone lineup, which we liked quite a lot. Updates are very minor, but the price is still low. For a more in-depth look, check out our guide to the best cheap phones.
  • Typing (free): This small, helpful app is the first product from a company working on a 100-percent private “next word prediction engine”. The typical Honeycomb keyboard claims to reduce typos by up to 80 percent.
  • Maskface for $ 50: If you are wearing a mask in public and making calls, you may need an N95 filter, a built-in microphone, and (possibly exaggerated) mask with attached earbuds. Or, you know, maybe not. If you want some more possibilities, check out our guide to our favorite masks.
  • V-Moda M-200 ANC for $ 500: We didn’t get a chance to try these priced headphones in person, but V-Moda never disappointed us before. We are expecting this new model from the design-forward company to be one of the best noise-canceling headphones of the year.
  • JBL Reflect Mini NWC TWS Arbud for $ 150: JBL’s latest workout buds feature a reflective strip for those who like to stay out at night or in the evening. They are also noise-cancelers and have an IPX7 water-resistance rating. We did not get a chance to try this, but we have liked other JBL buds.

Computer and camera

Panasonic BGH1

Photo: Panasonic


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