$ 129 Poco M3 is Xiaomi’s latest budget big battery king

Xiaomi’s Poco sub-brand has launched its latest entry-level phone, the Poco M3. As with most other Poco phones, the M3 has a strong spec for a comparatively low price.

The Poco M3 has a 6.53-inch 1080p LCD screen, with Waterdrop notch for an 8-megapixel selfie camera. The display is very basic: the bottom chin is quite large, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button on the side instead of the screen, and the panel is only 60 Hz, but it is quite fast and fully serviceable.

The design of the phone definitely stands out from the back, with a large shiny camera bump embossed with a shiny shiny camera “POCO” logo. The main camera is 48 megapixels, but the other two cameras are just 2-megapixel sensors for depth and macro, so it’s not really a meaningful triple-camera setup. While the phone’s chassis is constructed out of plastic, it uses a leather-ish finish that feels great to the touch compared to most other plastic phones. It is available in black, yellow and blue.

The M3 processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, paired with 4GB of RAM. It runs MIUI 12 on Android 10. The battery is an impressive 6,000mAh, and the phone is a heavy but quite manageable 9.6mm thick and 198g in weight. There are options for 64 GB or 128 GB storage, and the phone has two SIM card slots in addition to a separate microSD slot. It has a headphone jack as well as a USB-C port.

Xiaomi Black Friday is putting the Poco M3 on sale online on November 27, with an initial US price of $ 129 for the 64GB model and $ 149 for the 128GB. The regular price is $ 149 for 64GB and $ 169 for 128GB.

Even at those higher prices, the M3 looks like it would be a very good value by US market standards. For example, you can compare it to this year’s Moto E, which starts at the same $ 149 price point, but has a 720p screen, a Snapdragon 632 processor, a micro USB port, 32GB storage and just 2GB of RAM. .

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