11 German people accused of far-flung conspiracy to attack Muslims, overthrow government

Prosecutors on Friday accused 11 Germans of committing murderous attacks on Muslims from a far-right terrorist group and plotting to overthrow the German government.

according to this The Associated Press, Federal prosecutors alleged that eight of the men Formed the “Group S” organization during a meeting in September 2019.

Three others are later accused of joining the group. A 12th man was also accused of supporting the group.

Prosecutors allegedly charged seven suspects in Stuttgart state court with weapons violations.

The AP reported that the suspects, who were listed without last names due to German privacy laws, wanted to “shake the state and social system” in Germany and eventually “attack the mosques or kill or injure them in the civil war.” To create a situation similar to “. Many Muslims.

The group reportedly hoped to lead a government coup as well as use force against political opponents.

Officials said the group held several private meetings, coordinated on the messaging app and telephone and one of its members trained others to shoot with pistols.

Prosecutors said the group had a target of raising $ 59,000, and all but one member of the group agreed to contribute a four-figure sum, although it was not immediately clear whether the funds were raised.

According to the AP, all suspects were detained during the raid on February 14, and all are still in custody.

The news came amid growing tension in Europe following several attacks.

Earlier this month, ISIS claimed credit For an attack in central Vienna in which five people were killed and 22 others were injured. There were reports after ISIS claim that the suspect was Identified as 20-year-old Kuztim Fazzulai, Who had blamed previous terrorists for attempting to join the Islamic State group in Syria, the AP reported at the time.

Many European countries increased their terrorist threat after the Vienna attack and the first knife attack in a church in France. The knife attacker in Nice, who was allegedly carrying a copy of the Koran and other knives, was injured and taken into custody following a confrontation with police.

Another schoolteacher arrived in France after that attack Beheaded After showing the performance of the students of Prophet Muhammad.


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