11 Ellen DeGeneres Fan Moments That Side-Eye Me

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Following these allegations, people are re-examining Ellen and her talk show segment. Here were some moments Ellen spent with her fans that made me say “hmm …”


When he made fun of this fan’s gift in a segment titled, “Ellen Review Fans’ Really Bad Gifts”


When he embarrassed a fan by showing his old, risqué photos in a segment, which now has nearly 16 million views on YouTube:


When he embarrassed an audience member for taking more than one free merchant from his shop in the infamous segment …


… and then literally put him in a fake jail / time-out thing. what?!


When this audience member was chosen to meet Ellen and was told – “no funnier than Ellen”:


When he shared an embarrassing photo of a fan humming a tree in a segment that has now been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube:


When he promised everyone a copy of Flo Rida’s album …

… but reportedly, the members never received it:


When he disbanded this superfan’s tattoo in a segment called “Bad Paid-For Tattoo”:


When he had a bizarre section called “I Thought You Were My Friend” where people would send Ellen unaffected photos of their friends and they shared them on their show:

1 1.

And finally, when Ellen was a struggling college student on her show, who had been donating blood for six months – just to pay for a computer. Ellen said that the Shutterfly would pay her for tuition. Then, the makers whispered in Ellen’s ear that this was not the case – and she was only getting a computer. it was a mess:

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