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10 thoughts on the Bears’ 15-14 loss to the 49ers


10 thoughts after the Bears lost 15-14 on Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field to the San Francisco 49ers, who could not enter the end zone but got five field goals from former Bear Beary Gould and a 297-yard effort from former Rolling Meadows High School star Jimmy Garoppolo.

1. Here's something that nobody talks about yet and the Bears are not going to admit when this season reaches a merciful end on December 31 in Minnesota: Any openings or openings that the Bears have to work at Halas Hall are not going to be almost as attractive as they would like you to believe. They're going to pbad it off as a main destination in the NFL, but it sure is not now.

Yes, the Bears will have more appeal than the Browns, who have the worst job for a soccer coach. side of the University of Tennessee. It is perhaps not surprising that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has deep links to the Volunteers program. There will be a lot of openings after the end of the season, and a veteran agent representing the coaches predicted a minimum of seven when I spoke with him last week. It's not hard to imagine the Bears in the market for their third head coach in a span of five years. In fact, it is practically expected. And the point here is that a handful of other jobs will look much more attractive than the Bears concert at Halas Hall. That could force the Bears to get online for their favorite candidate or candidates and who knows how that would go.

Yes, there may be candidates who really like Field Marshal Mitch Trubisky. It will be hard for anyone to fall in love with him based on the game tape this season. There will be a couple of candidates who are good with Trubisky and will see potential in the second global selection this year. Then, there will be candidates who are not really interested in Trubisky or are more in love with another job where they could have the freedom to go out and get their own guy with potential for a flurry of veterans to be available, as well as some intriguing prospect projects .

Going beyond the quarterback position, the Bears have a serious lack of players. It is a continuous problem and that is why they are destined for a fourth consecutive losing season. They rejected the fifth-year option for cornerback Kyle Fuller to enter this season and it would be amazing if they do not decline the fifth-year option for wide receiver Kevin White this coming offseason. Not hitting the first round selections is just one example of why the list continues to have critical failures. Not keeping the staff healthy is another serious problem and it would be silly and unfair to just point it out to the head coach.

Of course, the Bears will try to sell the idea that there is a great history within the franchise and that is true. . But there's a lone Lombardi Trophy in the lobby of Halas Hall and the great tradition they talk about is really rooted in the 1940s when legendary linebacker Dick Butkus makes reference to the video they play at Soldier Field in the minutes before the start. of each match. . Emerging coaches are not worried about tradition, they are focused on the laser in their chances of succeeding with what can often be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once upon a time, the Bears were an attractive landing point because they were seen as a patient organization and with patience comes job security. That will no longer be the case if they make moves after this season. Board President George McCaskey fired Lovie Smith after a season of 10-6 in 2012. Marc Trestman lasted two seasons. John Fox is in year 3.

How do you manage to be an unattractive landing spot? It's not easy, but the 49ers seemed to have come out of last offseason when they attracted Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan away from the NFC champions. Shanahan is the club's fourth coach in four years and the only way he was convinced to come was money. The 49ers signed Shanahan for a six-year contract. That's two years more than the typical treatment, especially for a head coach for the first time. It's two more years that the Bears gave Fox. The six-year agreement for Shanahan coincides with the club's six-year contract with new general manager John Lynch. Those are guaranteed agreements which means that there is a ton of money invested in men. Do you know what else Shanahan received? He received control over the list of 53 men. That means that Shanahan can select who stays and who leaves and that can be an important chip for a coach when he needs to make it clear that in the locker room he has more juice in the building. It's hard to imagine Bears general manager Ryan Pace giving up control of the 53-man roster to a new coach if Pace is out and looking for a new coach in the first week of January.

The 49ers had a bad image and bad reputation when they tried to rebuild – again. The list was and remains one but they resisted and offered great security to get two men to come and take over. Now it looks like they have found a quarterback for the future after giving the Patriots a second-round pick to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo. He looked pretty good against the Bears as he completed 26 of 37 pbades for 293 yards. The 49ers can sell a little hope at the moment and that's something that is scarce at 1920 Football Dr. in Lake Forest.

2. We may have seen the last of right guard Kyle Long on the field this season. His last offensive pitch on Sunday came with 10:37 remaining in the second 9-yard quarterback game that Mitch Trubisky had. Remember, that was the play coach John Fox challenged without success. It did not look like Long was specifically injured on that play, but his left shoulder has been giving him problems. Tom Compton replaced him for the snap that the Bears had when there were 24 seconds left in the first half and Long saw the second half from the side with turf shoes although the team called it questionable to return.

"I do not know the extent of that," Long said after the game. "I raised my shoulder pretty well, I'll know more tomorrow."

Presumably, that means that Long is preparing for some shoulder tests, which originally reported that he was injured before the start of the 2016 season. Many people have suggested A missed season Why not close Long as soon as possible and divert your attention to do whatever it takes to get reconstructive surgery on your right ankle, about 12 months after you retire.

The short answer there is Long is not programmed that way. He is a competitor and wants to be there with his teammates when possible. The other thing that I think most people have overlooked is the fact that he wants the best offensive line possible on the field for the quarterback who is fighting during his rookie season. Conclude prematurely, make a lack of fill a few blocks and load Mitch Trubisky and, well, that's not a good thing. It has reached the point where Long may not be able to fight through multiple injuries. The left shoulder is the most serious at this moment and he knows he needs to fix it. It could be a question of whether or not that procedure happens this month or next month.

"Kyle is one of the toughest people I know," Compton said. "He's been fighting a lot of things and, in general, he stays there even if he's really hurting him." We'll see what happens to him. I am always eager to take a step forward. Every week, I tell myself that I'm playing. I am beginning. That's how I have to prepare myself, so when I go in there it's not strange for me. They do a good job of giving me many reps during the week, so that helps. "

3. It looked like Robbie Gould had a couple of early birthday presents sitting in his locker on the visitor side of Soldier Field. After the game, I'm talking about a game ball and at least another memory of the victory, Gould will turn 35 on Wednesday and he'll still be on the rise in a couple of days after overcoming five field goal attempts. a remarkable 36 of 38 on field goals since he signed with the Giants and kicked them for the last 10 games last season, he was 10-for-10 in New York and he's 26-for-28 this season with one failure and one block. 19659003] "This meant a lot," Gould said when asked if coach Kyle Shanahan had given him a ball later. "I have a lot of respect for Kyle and what he's trying to build here, because of the kind of coach he is and the me he is offensive and by the way he behaves himself. He knew how much it meant to me too. I'm glad we won. "

Gould turned to the Bears' sideline briefly after his 24-yard boat ran out with four seconds left.

" I was excited to get a win, "Gould said. He signed a $ 4 million contract for two years with the 49ers. "It has been wonderful two years ago. When I left here and took some time off to try to get my technique and the things that I missed at the end of my career, it was an incredible race for two years. "

I asked Gould if he had adjusted something mechanically in the month and a half he was out before the Giants picked him up last year.

"No," he replied. "I just got a little more motivation."

The Bears clearly made the wrong decision to start Gould to sign Connor Barth and they more than admitted is a lot when they released Barth last month after a rocky season and a half or so. They thought they were doing the right thing and doing an upgrade with an advantage for the future by adding Cairo Santos, the former boss. Santos adjusted his groin muscle, at least that's what the team thinks happened, in the warm-ups prior to the game and limited himself to extra points and maybe some short field to go all the attempts, attempts that never happened during the game.

Santos injured his groin in the preseason and then went back to injury in Week 3 before the Chiefs came to an agreement for injuries with him. It was said that he might need to sit down for the rest of the season to recover, but Santos was thought to be ready and pbaded the team's physical exam when he entered, signing a one-year contract.

"I'm a bit disconsolate." Right now for me and for the team because I felt healed and strong enough to withstand all the kicks and I felt very good in practice, "Santos said." I did not miss any period in practice. He made the whole load. In pregame, sometimes it happens. It is out of my control. It just flashed on me again. We'll see him tomorrow and we'll see how he is.

"I kicked the extra points, I could feel something, I could handle it, then there's some optimism, maybe it's just a bit of stiffness, some nervous irritation, they checked me before the game and they thought my strength level was really impressive Maybe it's not related to the muscles, we'll have to take a look tomorrow. "

I hope there is a good chance that the Bears will bring a new kicker or a test with a couple of options. It's disappointing for Santos, who considered the end of the season an opportunity to reinforce his resume for free agency just a little bit. The Bears kicked kicker Pat O'Donnell and did pretty well with two touchbacks and one that was five yards deep in the end zone. O & # 39; Donnell handled the kickoff duties part of the time he was in college.

"He's a stud," Santos said. "I told him, like in the Miami days, he was a great kicking player in Miami, I'm proud of how he handled it like a pro, he did not seem nervous at all."

With any luck, maybe Santos is not seriously injured, but you have to think that the Bears will need a new kicker for next week. Meanwhile, Gould is on track to have the best percentage of his career. He's at 92.9 right now this season. His previous best result was 87.9 what he achieved in 2008 and 2013 when he made 26 of 29 attempts.

4. The Bears took a break near the end of the game when Jimmy Garoppolo hit runner Carlos Hyde on a false play and Hyde attempted to surrender before reaching the sideline. It seemed that he had succeeded, but the officials discarded him out of bounds at the 10th yard and stopped the clock with 1:46 remaining. The Bears got in serious trouble when Kyle Juszczyk ran three yards on the next play of third and 2. That forced the Bears to use their second timeout with 1:40 remaining. At that point, the Bears led 14-12 and had a remaining wait time with 100 seconds to play. What do you do? This is called being stuck between a rock, a big one and a difficult area, a really difficult place. One option is to play the best possible defense and wait for a serve or the possibility that the kicker has failed the field goal of throwing chips or may block it. Another option is to let the 49ers take a walk just in the final zone and score a touchdown, which would put them ahead 18-14 waiting for an extra point conversion attempt or two points.

"I did not think about that," Hyde said when I asked him if he had considered the possibility.

tight end George Kittle was right next to Hyde in the locker room, though, and it was something he was wondering about.

"I thought they were going to let you in," Kittle told his teammate.

"We talked about that," Bears coach John Fox said. "But it would have to be done around 1:36 or 1:40 or whatever, we felt good about the block we had about the possible field goal, none of those options are excellent on the 5 and 4 yard line. "

Some scoffed at what Fox said about the possibility of a blocked short field goal, but that was what happened this season when Eagles rookie Derek Barnett blocked a 27-yard attempt by Gould. If the defense had allowed the Niners to score, the offense would have needed a touchdown touchdown to win the game and the offense had produced a scant 147 yards. Fox made the right call there. For what it's worth, that was the best performance of a San Francisco defense, as he allowed only 143 yards in a 32-9 victory over the Bears on November 19, 2012 at Candlestick Park. That game marked the first start of the race for Colin Kaepernick.

5. the dazzling 61-yard punt return for Tarik Cohen? The Bears do not have a replacement for Robbie Gould, but Cohen, at least a little bit, has something of Devin Hester in the return game. Cohen said that the return the called team was designed to go to the left. However, the kick of Bradley Pinion kicker was abandoned, even with the numbers on that side of the field, so he left the Bears very little space for him to arm anything. Cohen backed into the field and the lucky wide receiver Aldrick Robinson did not face him. Soon, he had six 49ers chasing him on the opposite side of the field. When he returned to the left, he left more or less the original six persecutors. in the dust and by then it was a numbers game. The Bears had the 49ers completely flanked and really the only block ne Caryary was a nice one by Benny Cunningham over running back Matt Breida. Cohen did the rest.

"I was worried that I could face a loss of yards," Cohen said. "But in that case, as my coaches always tell me, I had to trust my speed, just follow the plan, go back to the left."

Cohen becomes the first rookie since Gale Sayers in 1965 to have a touchdown on the ground, receive a touchdown, touchdown touchdown touchdown and touchdown in the same season. As Randall Liu of the NFL noted, the last player to do so was Terry Metcalf of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975. Metcalf was a remarkably dynamic player and his son Eric was a major returnee and slot receiver.

Cohen is still electric and leads the team with 39 receptions, but it is a problem when the most dangerous player on the list is a type of gadget. That is not a blow on Cohen. It's reality. He is a joker back and that means he is limited. Hopefully I can provide more sparks and a couple of highlights in the last four games.

6. I need to see the game again and see if there was a common thread for some of the open receivers that Jimmy Garoppolo had. There were many times when he had really open boys in the middle of the field. Instinct tells me that it was not a very good start for the nickel corner Creon Von LeBlanc, but first we have to go deep into things. LeBlanc shone a little in Philadelphia last week and this was the fourth straight game that Bryce Callahan missed because of a knee injury. The good news is that Callahan trained last week, perhaps a sign that he can do it next Sunday in Cincinnati. But that is the blow and it is won for Callahan. He has difficulty staying healthy. When the Bears think about reviewing the cornerback position in the offseason, and will have to add pieces to the minimum, the nickel corner must be on the to-do list.

7. In the last weeks of the season is when you sometimes see the teams eliminate contract extensions for a player here or a player there. The Cardinals extended defensive lineman Corey Peters with a three-year contract last week. It used to be that clubs had to use their remaining space in the cap for the given season or find a creative way to try to pbad it to the next season. Now, the teams can simply move the space left over from the top, so there is no situation in which it is used or lost. Patter O'Donnell is perhaps the best candidate the Bears have for a player on the list that could be extended before the end of the season. O & # 39; Donnell is in the last year of his rookie contract and has shown steady improvement over the last two seasons. It probably does not require a high-level contract to achieve it and if the Bears knocked it out now, it would remove an item from the club's off-season to-do list. A kicker who kicks Soldier Field for half of his games each season will never lead the NFL in some of the statistical categories. It just is not going to happen. O'Donnell has a net of 39.4 yards and that ranks 25 th for kickers with a minimum of 36 kicks. It's a better yardage than where O'Donnell was last season and just behind his best mark of 39.7 in his career in 2015. He has landed 22 punts inside the 20-yard line and has forced a good reception in 13 clearance A point that should also be taken into account: O & # 39; Donnell has improved as a starter in recent years and that is essential. We will see if an agreement is reached or if the market is opened in March as a free agent without restrictions.

8. There is no chance that Lamarr Houston presumed he would be on the field for most of the game, but that's the situation the Bears faced when Pernell McPhee fought a block from tight end Garrett Celek and tried to face running back Carlos Hyde in the seventh. McPhee saw the ball on Hyde's right arm and thought he could shake it but hit his left shoulder when he came in. McPhee came out and did not come back, according to my completely unofficial account, Houston was on the field for 68 moves The Bears were forced to resort to the veteran after the disappointing efforts of Isaiah Irving last week, he was injured in practice on Wednesday and placed in the injured reserve. e, and Howard Jones. Really, it's just additional consequences to lose Leonard Floyd to a knee injury that puts an end to the season. Houston went into the spring when the Texans made the public decision to be young on defense once playoff opportunities were nearing extinction.

"They just wanted the kids to play because they do not go to the playoffs anymore," Houston said. "I fully understand that, they're building for next year, it's what it is, they did not need more veterinarians, I want to be in that, I want to be playing, I want to finish the season in a team, I can finish playing. next year ".

Houston clearly was not in the Bears' plans when they gave him a long and deep run in the preseason finale and then suffered a minor knee injury that took them to two. solution of game injuries. He imagined all the time he was going to make the list.

"I was surprised," Houston said. "It's a business, man, and that's how it is"

It's a pity that the Bears lack young players in the position they can trust and want to see more in the coming weeks. At least they have a guy who knows the scheme in Houston, but if McPhee is going to waste time, he'll need at least one more move on the list.

Meanwhile, safety Chris Prosinski was easy to reach as he stayed at Deerfield after receiving a short injury deal for a hamstring problem after the final cuts. His wife was teaching yoga in the area and Prosinski trained in EFT Sports Performance in Highland Park. He said he healed after the first month of the season and had tests for the 49ers, Falcons and Bills before the Bears hired him and inserted him into the starting lineup with Adrian Amos out. We will have to see what happens in that place in the coming weeks. Amos was doing some light conditioning work under the watchful eye of the staff before the game, but that does not mean he's necessarily back in the mix this week.

9. With the CFL season over, very soon we will see some landing players in the north for the NFL teams, as they consider possible reserve / future contracts to sign after the end of the NFL season. I do not know if the Bears have plans to bring in some kind of CFL, but they have done it in the past few years. After making some calls and delving into the subject a bit, here are some names that appeared: Saskatchewan DE / OLB A.C. Leonard, Edmonton wide receiver Brandon Zylstra, Montreal defender Jon Mincy and Ottawa defender Jon Rose. That is a really short list and surely there will be more names. Leonard is a converted tight end that was a free agent not recruited with the Vikings in 2014, but he did not stay. He went to defense in Canada.

10. With only one quarter of the season left it's not too early to look forward to the 2018 schedule. The NFC North is paired with the NFC West and the AFC East next season, so in addition to the home and away series with divisional foes, the Bears will have games in Soldier Field against the Rams, Seahawks, Patriots, Jets and the corresponding finalist in the NFC South, the Bears will play road games in the Cardinals, 49ers, Bills, Dolphins and the corresponding ones in the NFC East. the NFC North are three games away from the Packers and the Lions, it would surely mean a home game with the Buccaneers and a road trip to the Giants, if the Bears can move up to third in the division, it's totally in the air because those other Divisions have teams grouped. Keep in mind that the Packers swept the season series, so if the teams end up with the same record, Green Bay will be ahead of the Bears in the final standings. The Lions won the only meeting between the teams so far this season, so the chances of the Bears coming out of last place are very slim.

10a. At this point, the Bears are on track to finish the season without a 500-yard receiver for the first time since 1989. Maybe you're like me and I'm a little surprised that it happened recently, but again these are the Bears and when the franchise has had problems with field marshals for decades and decades, that creates problems for the wide receivers. Ron Morris was the main wide receiver that season with 30 receptions for 486 yards. At this time, Kendall Wright is on track to have 44 receptions for 493 yards. At least the Bears had six players with 392 yards or more in 1989, including Morris. They could easily finish this season with only three players above 300 yards: Tarik Cohen (306 already), Wright (370 currently) and Dontrelle Inman (216 currently). In fact, that's a pretty good bet unless you imagine that Josh Bellamy will score 125 yards or more in the next four games.

10b. The Browns (0-12) now have a two-game lead over the 49ers and the Giants, which are both 2-10, for the No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft. At this time, the Bears they are on track to choose between the top five, but that could change. They are one of three teams with a 3-9 record. The Colts and Broncos are also 3-9, but they play on Thursday, December 14 at Lucas Oil Stadium. Except for the rarely seen draw, one of those teams will get a fourth victory. The only other game that involves two teams in this terrible combination is December 24 when the Browns visit Soldier Field to face the Bears.

10c. More disappointing free agent named Marcus / Markus? Cornerback Marcus Cooper can not find his way on the field even when the team goes to a dime pack on rare occasions. He had a snapshot in defense and has essentially been relegated to special teams duty. Wide receiver Markus Wheaton was also on the field for an offensive pitch. Wheaton is probably the most disappointing from the point of view that it would not take much to be an improvement on what the team has in the wide receiver. But this has been a double dose of unproductive and both could easily be elsewhere next season.

10d. The scouts of the franchise were on the bench before the game and that is a sign that they have been in the city for the meetings prior to the draft, since the team is organized with the university season near the end. They will be preparing for the light exploration that happens during the bowl season and then the postseason circuit of the star games.

10e. The Bears will catch an opponent in a short week for the second time in five games. The Packers came from an appearance of "Monday Night Football" before the November 12 meeting and the Bengals will host the Steelers tonight on "Monday Night Football."

10f. Solid game by cornerback Kyle Fuller, who snatched the ball from Louis Murphy for an interception and the only movement of the game. He was credited with six tackles and although he missed two, he had a lot of action and responded well.

10g. The Bengals opened as a 6½-point favorite for the game against the Bears at Paul Brown Stadium on the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas.


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