10 of the world’s most beautiful airports landed for 2020

(CNN) – They say that absence makes the heart big.

The airport approaches to the world’s most beautiful airport, as offered annually by privately platform bookings, are looking more spectacular this year than ever before.

More than 6,000 frequent fliers and aviation enthusiasts voted in February and March, with voting to be held in February and March, ahead of travel restrictions to fight Kovid-19 worldwide.

The winner for the third consecutive year is Donegal Airport, Ireland. On the island’s northwest coast, Carrickfin has sweeping views of the rugged coastline, pristine beaches and steep slopes of Mount Errigal on the approach to this regional airport.

While the top spot was held by an old favorite, this new year has six new entries in the top 10.

The newest entry in second place is Tanzania’s Misembe Airstrip, which operates in East Africa’s Rua National Park.

Scythos Alexandros Papadamantis Airport is also making its debut at number three. The airport of the Greek island of Scythos in the Aegean Sea is popular, thanks to its short runway and close proximity to a public road.

“Many of us have flown less frequently this year, but these are a welcome reminder of the ultimate destination landing journey and the uplifting power of aviation – and a jaw dropping inspiration for some memorable future flights,” UK CEO Adam Twidell Booking booking platform for private jet charters, said in a press release.

Donegal Airport on the northwest Atlantic coast of Ireland claimed the top spot for the third year running.

Courtesy Owen Clarke

Florida’s Orlando Melbourne International Airport was the only one to enter the top 10 for the United States, ranking it as the world’s fourth most beautiful airport scene.

“First, you look at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and then pass over the Indian and Banana rivers,” a 2019 voter said of this dynasty.

“Then, there’s a route at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, where you can get a glimpse of the rocket on the launch pad.”

Scotland’s Bara Airport approach, which offers stunning coastal views, slipped three places down to fifth place, while Bora Bora’s Motu Maute Airport is ranked sixth in the world. It is built on an island on a crystal-blue lagoon in French Polynesia.

Saint Julia’s Princess Juliana International Airport, where planes swoop over Maho Beach, is at number eight, and at number nine is Seychelles ‘Praslin Island Airport’.

The top 10 was completed by two new entries: Dubai International Airport and Fiji’s Nadi International Airport.

Trans Maldives Airways is the world’s largest float aircraft operator. We go to work with Andrew Farr of Canada, one of its most experienced pilots.

For the first time, the survey also revealed the highest ranked airports by region. The Asian winner, Male (Velana) International Airport Maldives, was the only player who did not even make the top 10.

The airport is a base for Trans Maldivian Airways, the world’s largest seaplane operator, renowned for its unconventional clad “barefoot pilots”.

10 most beautiful airports landed according to PrivateFly

1. Donegal Airport, Ireland

2. Misembe Airstrip, Tanzania

3. Skiathos (Alexandros Papadamantis) Airport, Greece

4. Orlando (Melbourne) International Airport, Florida

5. Bara Airport, Scotland

6. Bora Bora (Motu Mute) Airport, French Polynesia

7. St Maarten (Princess Juliana) International Airport, St Maarten

8. Pralin Island Airport, Seychelles

9. Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

10. Nadi International Airport, Fiji


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