10 Everyone builds on their first play of Skyrim

Open nature of the Elder Scrolls The game is partly what makes them so special. Players can build any character they want, as they wish, and explore hundreds of locations. Skyrim It holds up exceptionally well thanks to its fluid leveling system and streamlined gear.

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The amount of choice may result in some small obstacles during the new player’s journey. There is no wrong way to play Elder Scrolls The title, however, is one of the ways players can make the game harder on themselves. There are many new mistakes here Skyrim Players make on their first play.

10 Becoming an all-rounder

Skyrim skill tree

Image from Culveyhouse (YouTube)

Every skill tree in Skyrim Offers some impressive bonuses. It is not uncommon for first-timeers to spread their allowances around trees with six or more skills.

Do not do this. Perks are where most of the power of a build comes from. Splitting it between multiple skills will leave behind the main combat skills of a build. Instead of investing perks in any skill tree that seems useful, use that skill for a while and decide if it should be the cornerstone of the build. Just focusing on a few skill trees gives a very smooth leveling and gameplay experience.

9 Buy weapons and armor

Skyrim Ulfalber Sellers

Buying weapons and armor from vendors can be the biggest scam Skyrim. Most guards will ask the player to upgrade their gear to steel when talking, which directs players to purchase a full set of armor and weapons from the local Smit.

This is a scam. The worst enemies go astray Skyrim The gears will be on-foot or league beyond Steel’s capabilities. Instead gold should be invested towards home, preferably Hearthfire DLC home that can be expanded.

8 Horse diving

Horses have an unexplained ability to bend horses to climb an 85 degree slope. Many players descended from the throats of the world using a gravity-bending horse instead of climbing a mountain.

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While horses may have to climb steep incisions, they are amazing when going down. Running under any inclination the horse will slip on a pebble and begin to fall to the ground, rip the player and usually kill them in the process. Horse diving is not as safe as one would think.

7 Avoid ralph or handover

Depending on which player the side inside Helgan will determine who escorts them to safety. Players can go with either Ralph or Hadavar, each with a major faction associated with the Civil War.

Regardless of who the players are with, they will thank the player and tell them that they are heading to Riverwood. If the player follows them, they will be directed towards the first three permanent stones SkyrimGo through a dungeon, and learn more about Skyrim. It’s not a big deal if players decide to go their own way, but it’s good to get a guided introduction to the Standing Stones and exploration.

6 Running through the main quest

Alderin, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's main antagonist.

Of skyrim The main search is completely optional. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it is true. I am nothing Of skyrim The quest is suited to time or regardless of what the story may be, requiring immediate attention. Some story-driven RPG fans spend their first playwright through the main storyline in hopes of achieving a deep, compelling plot.

for all Of skyrim Strength, its story is not one of them. Skyrim There are so many thrilling sides to participate in quests, guilds, and activities that it easily becomes the main focus of the game. Slow down the game and enjoy the dozens of dunes and vistas that reside in Skyrim.

5 A huge fight very quickly

Skyrim fighting a giant

Do not think bad about dying a giant during the opening game. Virtually each player decided to enter west of Wheatrun on his first playthrough and faced the Blindwind Basin, the first giant camp players.

Gradually taking away his health with iron weapons, giant players usually take players into the stratosphere with a single club swing. This is one of the most memorable bouts Skyrim But it could have been easily avoided if Dragonborn achieved some levels.

4 Savings not often

New players need to make a habit of saving whenever possible. There are many moments in someone’s first play where they either die or want to reload a previous save. Of skyrim When one expects, the autosave feature does not always save.

A poor death is meant to lose hours of progress on time. PC players should use QuickSaving (F5 by default) and Quickwolding when possible. Console players should save their game whenever possible.

3 Killing a chicken

When players first stumble into Riverwood, they will usually see a chicken moving around the main gate. Do not kill this chicken under any circumstances! Since this is the property of the city, killing this rooster will have a small reward on the player’s head.

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The thing is, Bounty Kull does not affect how the guards treat the Dragonborn. As little as 20 gold is enough for each of the town’s guards to draw their swords and attempt to kill the player. It is easier to get away with theft than the ill effects of killing a hen. Do not do this.

2 Ignore follower actions

Skirim Lydia

Followers are an important aspect Skyrim. They will assist the player in combat, if appointed as a homemaker, watch the houses and take an oath to carry the dragonborn utensils. When players get their first follower, those benefits are not obvious, yet followers can do more than carry loot.

In almost every follower Skyrim Can open any closed object without needing a gear. Talk to a follower and give them an order. Ask them to open a closed container and they will do so regardless of unlock requirements. Direct commands can also be used to bypass their carrying capacity to companions, or as weapons to giant clubs.

1 Focus on optimization

Skyrim warrior skill tree

Due to poor balance of Skyrim, It is incredibly easy to optimize the fun out of the game. Some players who come from an ARPG or MMO background may focus on getting the best gear possible to make the game easier.

As long as it is fun, do it! For many players, this will usually lead to burnout as this requires players to maximize their crafting skills. If a character’s damage output is maximized and perk decisions are making the game less fun, stop doing it! Many new players fall into trying to make the best character they can. Can also see the guide on new players Skyrim It spoils memorable quests or reveals game-breaking feats.

Not every character is perfect, and that’s fine. There is not a single encounter in the game that demands a min-maxed character. Create a character that is fun to play. That is all that matters.

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