10 best sideloaded apps for Android that you can’t find in Google Play

Best Sideloaded Apps APKMirror
The Google Play Store is, no doubt, the best place to get applications. It has a huge selection of the most popular developers and its security features are top notch. You just can’t get the same experience anywhere. However, this is not to say that every app or game in Google Play is available for download. We are sure that you know about Fortnite and its issues so far as it remains valid. There are other surprisingly decent sideloaded apps that are not allowed in Google Play for one reason or another. Here are the ten best Android apps you want to sideload.Since you are going out of Google Play, we recommend checking out how to install a third party app without the Google Play Store guide given here. We also want to make a respectable mention on the Amazon App Store because you have to sideload it and it will also have a bunch of apps and games.

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cost: free

APKMirror is technically a website and not an app. However, it has a set of applications that you can sideload. The biggest and most useful function for APKMirror is trying new or beta versions of apps that you can regularly find on Google Play before they actually get there or an older version of the app or game Find ones that work better than its new version. It is a highly reliable website for APKs and you should never worry about things like malware or anything like that. We have used this site as a source for years without any trouble. If you look around you can find all kinds of neat items.

APKMirror - Best App Store


cost: Free / $ 5- $ 43 per year

Cerberus used to be one of the best Find My Phone apps on the Play Store. However, Google adjusted some of its rules regarding certain permissions and Cerberus was briefly booted. The app is still present on its official website, however, and it is still a good choice for its category. It can snap pictures of people who try to get into your phone, show you the location of your phone, show you the location of it and do all other things. A membership fee is required from $ 5 per year (for one device) to $ 43 per year (for up to ten devices).

F droid

cost: free

F-Droid is an excellent app for sideloading. It is another app store similar to Google Play. However, this is the only FOSS (free and open source software) app. This is a great place to get an app for those concerned about privacy and security because every app has to post its open source code somewhere on the Internet. You won’t find a ton of popular apps here, but you can find a lot of simple tools that will replace the less reliable ones on the Google Play Store. Also, the F-Droid is relatively easy to use and looks good.

F-Droid - the best app store for android phone


cost: free to play

Fortnite’s relationship with the Google Play Store once again is very public and very messy. However, for the time being, you can only get Fortnite from Epic Games’ official website. The game is a battle royal style game where you and 99 other players step out to see who is standing. The game map shrinks over time and the map has various resources that you can collect and craft to benefit yourself. It is one of the most popular games in the world and you cannot find it in the play store at this time. If you need more help, we have a guide on how to install Fortnite here. One day, when Epic Games release their game store, we will probably replace Fortnite with it.

Google Camera Port

cost: free

Google Camera is present in two places simultaneously. There is a Google Play Store version (link) which is just fine. Then you have a really good Google camera that you have to sideload. Google Camera ports include Night Sites, Pixel devices with astro mode, excellent post processing and other features you won’t find in the Play Store version. XDA-developers have a repository for most devices where the Google Cam port is present. There are a decent number of devices, but it is worth noting that not all devices can use it and not all devices have the same features. This is a continuous work in progress, so hit the link to see if your devices are compatible.

Google Camera - Best Camera App for Android

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humble Bundle

cost: Free with in-app purchase

Humble Bundle is a game sales service and one of the few really good ones outside the Google Play Store. The service usually makes a bundle of games together that you can buy at far below their Google Play Store price. There is a charity attached that you can throw a few bucks to help other people. The Humble Bundle also does eBook and audio stuff (usually soundtracks). The application is fairly straight forward. You use it to browse bundles and download stuff you have previously purchased. The Humble Bundle is also cross-platform so you can shop for PC games as well.

Popcorn time

cost: free

We’re going to some swampy area with Popcorn Time, but it’s a super popular app that a ton of people use. It is a free movie streaming service. You open the app, choose a movie, and watch. It is not only available on Android, but also on most platforms including Linux and Android TV. The application also supports downloads for watching offline, dubbed and subtitled movies. This is not the most ethical way to get this material, but it exists and people like it.


cost: free

Tachiyomi is one of the best manga readers of Android, but also one of the most complex. It has a large collection of manga including some NSFW accessories. It also comes with extensions on how Kodi has extensions. Unfortunately, those extensions are APKs that you install and that’s why Tachyomi is not on the Play Store. Fortunately, the official website has the app and is relatively easy to install and use. It is a bit more tedious than any manga reader you can find on Google Play, but it has a lot more content.

Tachiyomi screenshot - best manga reader apps

ViPER4Android (root only)

cost: free

ViPER4Android is an audio engine and equalizer app and, frankly, it is one of the best. It requires root access because it installs a literal audio driver on your phone and that gives it its legendary control. You can create multiple sound profiles for all your headphones or speakers. The developers are working on the original version of the app, but it is not yet available. Thus, you really need a root to use this app to its full potential.

Viper4Android Best Root App for Root Users

YouTube danced

cost: free

YouTube Vanced is another murkier option for sideloaded apps. It is a modified version of YouTube that lets you watch videos without ads and includes YouTube premium features such as background playback. It otherwise functions and functions like YouTube. This, of course, takes money out of the creators’ pockets and is not a good thing. However, you cannot change human nature and it is an exercise in honesty. This is a good way to use YouTube for those who would not otherwise watch YouTube with their ads and not pay YouTube premiums.

YouTube dance screenshot

Bonus: Magisk Manager (root only)

cost: free

Magisk Manager is one of the most powerful sideloaded apps. Unfortunately, this is for rooted devices as it may not work on non-rooted devices at all. Basically, the app lets you install modules that improve, enhance, or otherwise modify the functionality of your device. This is definitely a power user tool, so this is not something we would recommend to anyone. So it’s down here in the bonus area. In any case, it is a great tool for root users as long as they do not take into account the learning curve and backup is ready when something happens.

Magic Manager screenshot 2020

Porn Apps & Games

cost: Free / varies

There is a broad, complete ban on nudity in Google Play’s Play Store. There are no adult apps or games with things like pornography. If you want that kind of content on your device then you have to sideload them. Most people just use their browser in incognito mode and it recovers the vast majority of the time completely. However, if you really want an app on your phone, you can sideload it.

Natku screenshot 1

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