$ 10 Beeper for WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram may be the best subscription you’ll ever pay

We have too many instant messaging apps on their phones, taking up our time and mental space. There is the inevitable overload of notifications on your phone’s lock screen in most cases. WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Slack, Skype, and even direct messages on Twitter and Instagram. Add to that, there will often be overzealous contacts who believe in over-communication. The end result is that sometimes you will feel like pulling your hair out. I sure do, most of the time. The world is crying out for an app that can put all of these apps together, in one window, so you don’t jump, jump, and jump between them and end up exhausting your thumbs and yourself. Keep things simple, if you can. Our prayers may have been answered. The application is called Beeper and it may be the super application you have been waiting for. I’m one step closer to IM nirvana, or at least that’s what I hope it will be, and it will cost me $ 10 per month for the convenience.

When Beeper was announced earlier this year, needless to say, it was something for which I was immediately put on the waiting list. The promise at the time was that Beeper would come back with the opportunity to reserve the username at some point. This week I finally got that long-awaited email with a custom link to reserve the username. And there came the attention to detail: You will pay $ 10 per month for the service. Share your credit card details now, but you will be charged after a few weeks when you are invited to start using Beeper with the username you have reserved for you. It’s the same price, whether you sign up for Android or iPhone. There’s also the option to pay a year in advance, that’s $ 120 right away, which, good friends at Beeper say, will put you even higher on the waiting list. I paid the $ 10 fee to be on the waiting list, because paying for the full year didn’t really suit my risk-taking appetite.

So what do I get for $ 10 per month with Beeper and why would I recommend you at least try this too? The notification clutter illustrated above is the main reason for getting an app that brings all of your messaging apps together in one place. Beeper is not a messaging application in itself; What it does, it brings together all your existing accounts under one roof, as one application that opens to read and reply to all chats from all linked applications. Right now, you can bring WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Slack, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Android Messages, IRC, Matrix, Discord, and Beeper network within a single app. That’s pretty much the majority of popular instant messaging apps, although it’s interesting to note that China-owned WeChat and Line are not yet part of the supported apps.

Beeper says that once the username has been reserved, the wait begins. Each week, they will invite more and more people to start using the service. When it is my turn, I will be given 30 days to set up my account and start using Beeper, otherwise the username will be released again. The app is cross-platform and available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Apple macOS devices, Microsoft Windows computing devices, and Linux. With that said, getting iMessage to work on Android phones requires some nifty solutions. There will be filters for Beeper’s inbox, ability to search all chat networks, as well as to postpone or archive messages. Beeper developers say there is no free subscription tier at the moment, although there are plans to introduce a trial option later this year. Beeper is also getting a dark mode with the next app update, which means that Beeper users have something great to look forward to.


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