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One person was killed and seven others were injured early Sunday after a car hit a crowded sidewalk in front of a hookah bar in New York City after authorities and witnesses said

Deputy Police Chief David Barrere eliminated terrorism as a reason for the chaos, saying that the incident was precipitated by a parking dispute in front of the XS Hookah Lounge in the Richmond Hill section of Queens.

Barrere said that a driver jumped out of his car and stabbed two people in the torso. During the "ensuing dispute involving a group of people" outside the club, the white Hyundai sedan drove off the scene and climbed onto the sidewalk, he said.

One person died and at least one was in critical condition since the accident that followed, Barrere said.

Officers responded to the 911 call for an badault in progress at 4:30 am, police said on Twitter. A man was taken into custody, but his involvement in the events was not immediately clear.

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The Daily News posted a short video clip of the white Hyundai performing a U-turn on the sidewalk and driving "at a high rate of speed." Seconds later, the video shows a silver Nissan SUV taking a U-turn on the street and flying down the sidewalk behind the Sonata in apparent pursuit. The video clip does not show a shock.

A pbading motorist, Ozzie Rogers, told the Daily News that he saw a woman trying to contain a fighter outside the bar, and stopped to get a closer look.

Moments later, he said, the car crashed on the scene at approximately 50 mph.

"The girl screams, Stop, stop, no, no, when this car just comes from nowhere and hits the whole group," Rogers said. "The bodies flew out. The car was really fast. "

Witnesses told WCBS-TV that a group of people were leaving the bar when they saw a man hitting another man on the sidewalk, several people shouting for the attacker to stop when the witnesses said a car ran down the sidewalk and crashed as a group, then fled.

"I saw a couple of children, just fighting," said Milagros Urbina, who lives near the sidewalk scene. "Suddenly, I see only the white car driving on the sidewalk. Everyone was screaming, it was crazy. "

Preliminary information on #Queens incident: At about 4:30 am the agents responded to a 911 badault call in progress at a hookah hall on Liberty Ave.
6 people were hit by a car and 2 people stabbed One person is currently in custody Investigation in progress. ☎️ # 800577TIPS with information

– NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews ) December 3, 2017

Police said the investigation was continuing, but hastened to quell the concerns of terrorism.On October 31, an Uzbek citizen in a rented truck pbaded through a busy bike lane near the monument to the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring a dozen others.

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, came out shouting in Arabic and pointing imitation pistols before the police will shoot you.

"This was an act of terror and an act of cowardly terror," said Mayor de Blasio after the tragedy on Halloween. "We will respond as we always do, we will not interfere."

In May, a Bronx man was accused of plowing his car on a sidewalk filled with Times Square, killing an 18-year-old woman and wounding nearly two dozen people. people. Police said Richard Rojas told investigators he had been smoking marijuana and PCP before the accident, and de Blasio said the accident was not a terrorist attack.

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