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Apple says that third-generation keyboards are exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro


Last month, Apple started a Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro, after determining that a "small percentage" of the keyboards in the MacBook 2015-2017 and MacBook Pro 2016-2017 models can experience keys that they feel "sticky" repeat, or do not respond consistently.

Apple did not identify a cause of the problems, which they call "behaviors," but they are thought to be caused by dust and other particles that get trapped in the butterfly switch mechanism beneath the keys.

Apple has been providing services to affected keyboards for free, with the process involving the replacement of one or more keys, or the entire keyboard. For MacBook Pro, replacements are second generation keyboards, often the 2017 variant with slightly different marks on the Control and Option keys.

Then, last week, Apple surprised us with the new MacBook Pro 2018 models that have an "improved third-generation keyboard to write more quietly." These models are not eligible, at least not now, for the Apple service program.

Apple has not directly recognized whether quieter third-generation keyboards address keyboard issues, but iFixit discovered that the MacBook Pro 2018 has a thin silicone barrier under each key, which they believe are intended to prevent dust and crumbs to get stuck.

iFixit discovered a thin layer of silicone under the keys on the MacBook Pro 2018

For this reason, some customers have been waiting for Apple to start trading the second Generating keyboards with third-generation keyboards, as part of their service program, but MacRumors has learned that this is not the plan.

When asked if Apple stores and authorized Apple service providers will be able to replace second-generation keyboards on MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 models with new third-generation keyboards, if necessary, Apple said no, the third generation keyboards are exclusive to the 2018 MacBook Pro.

Hopefully, in that case, it means that Apple has discreetly adjusted the second-generation keyboard to make it more reliable. It really would not make sense, and it would not feel very Apple, that they continue to use replacement keyboards that are as prone to break as the ones they are replacing.

Of course, some customers who ship their MacBook Pro 2016 or 2017 may end up with a third-generation keyboard in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Apple stores and authorized Apple service providers.

To start a repair, go to the Apple contact support portal, select Mac → Mac notebooks → hardware problems → keyboard does not work as expected → Bring it to repair and book an appointment with an Apple Store or a provider authorized Apple services. Remember to make a backup of your Mac before any repair.



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Sports car McLaren 720S & # 39; destroyed & # 39; on the day of shock after it was purchased


That's not worth it.

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, said a local driver added a McLaren 720S luxury sports car just one day after his purchase.

The department shared an image of the car wrecked on Facebook with the caption: "Purchased on Friday, Saturday arrived." The publication added that speed was the main factor in the accident and warned drivers to "slow down or cost".

The driver sustained injuries that do not endanger life.


The Washington Post, citing police, reported that the accident occurred around 7:45 a.m. on Saturday in Great Falls, approximately 15 miles northwest of Washington DC

Estimated authorities that the automobile was worth "around $ 300,000". When the 720S made its debut in March 2017, several reports said the car would be priced at approximately $ 254,000.

This is not the first time that a McLaren has had an unfortunate fate this year. In May, Nevada police found a total of 720s near Lake Mead. Parts of the car were scattered throughout the wreck, but the people inside were only scratched and bruised.


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Apple loses three Indian executives as the company struggles with iPhone sales


Three senior Apple executives in India left the company, amid the company's posters is prone to see local iPhone sales fall further in 2018.

  Apple iPhone 8

Apple's Indian division has lost its national head of sales and distribution, the head of its commercial channels and the mid-market , and the head of sales of operators, according to Bloomberg sources . One person indicated that the sales team of the division is in restructuring.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has often tried to paint India positively, for example by saying he was "very optimistic" about the company's prospects. But the iPhone has had a one-digit market share in India for years, as a result of the company's unwillingness to build cheaper models to compete with Samsung and Xiaomi, and the fact that until recently it did not join no phone locally. The iPhone SE and iPhone 6s are manufactured there.

Local production is critical, as tariffs on imported electronic products aggravate the already high prices of iPhones. Most Indians can not afford a next generation iPhone, which has led Apple to focus on older models, sometimes not available in other countries.

"Indian iPhone sales were weak in the first half of 2018 and, even if they show a big leap in the traditionally strong second half, Apple will not yet reach last year," said Counterpoint research director Neil Shah It is said that the company sold 3.2 million iPhones in 2017 and less than one million in the first half of this year. Its current market share is only 2 percent.

Sources Bloomberg blame Michel Coulomb, who took over Indian operations in December and has allegedly been slow to encourage commercial relations. People also, however, reiterated prolonged complaints that Apple has had trouble understanding the Indian market.

In addition to this, Apple is in a situation of " Catch-22 ," Shah added. "He has not put a big focus or investments in India because the market is so tiny."



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CVS apologizes after White Manager called Police on Black Customer


CVS apologized after a white store manager in Chicago called the police to a black customer who was trying to use a coupon that store staff accused of forgery. CVS said it is investigating the manager, who has been accused of fraud in a local political struggle.

The incident was first described on Facebook on Friday night by Camilla Hudson, the victim of 53 years, in a publication that quickly went viral (although according to Hudson, Facebook eliminated the publication for non-violent violations). specified).

Hudson, who is black, described the events in detail later to Block Club Chicago, saying that she joined CVS at 6150 North Broadway and attempted to make a purchase using an automated payment machine. He could not use a coupon for one of his items on the machine, and the store manager, Morry Matson, offered him help. He called a second manager, whose name is unknown. That manager, according to Hudson, accused her of forging the coupon she was trying to use.

"He was unpleasant, he was not professional, he was disdainful, he was an accuser," Hudson told the Block Club later. "All his tone and behavior was offensive and problematic."

Hudson asked managers to call CVS's corporate offices to solve the problem, and followed and filmed one of the managers when he walked away from her. He claimed to Block Club that he was not "screaming, he did not raise his voice, he did not use bad words". Matson then told Hudson that he had called the police.

Matson called the police for the second time while Hudson was nearby, capturing the video call.

Obtain the data sheet, Fortune Newsletter .

According to Block Club, the call was transmitted to the agents who responded as an "assault in progress". Hudson said the cops who arrived "were not horrible," but they did say that Matson had the authority to ask her out of the store, which she did.

CVS has apologized to Hudson, and now says he will conduct an investigation of the incident. The pharmacy chain also affirmed that "it does not tolerate any practice that discriminates against any client and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores". . . The profile or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited. "

Matson was allegedly a delegate of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, and has worked on behalf of Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTQ cohort of that party." Matson is also a candidate for alderman of the 48th district of Chicago. campaign literature found by Block Club, Matson emphasizes its alignment with the "silent majority", the "moral majority" and "law and order." Despite these alleged values, Matson was accused by the Board of Electoral Commissioners of Chicago for the falsification of signatures in an electoral measure.

Hudson connected his experience to a series of incidents, the most famous case was "Barbecue Becky", in which white spectators called the police about African-Americans for little or no reason A British tabloid has already dubbed Matson "Coupon Carl."

"As a woman, as a black woman, as a Chicago native, I'm tired of that," Hudson told Block Club. "I'm tired of that." [19659013].


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The champions of the Nintendo Labo competition include a solar accordion and teapots


The other champions are also creative. The game Tea Time by Joseph France places Joy-Cons in cardboard teapots that you should fill with & # 39; and & # 39; pour & # 39; to serve virtual clients; think of this as a physical version of classic games like Tapper . You will also find an analog clock, a remotely controlled dinosaur and a game Labo Fix-It that turns you cranks and presses buttons to repair a house that is falling apart.

Competitors had a strong material incentive to win: everyone gets an ultra-rare Labo-thematic Switch. However, we would say that they are not the only winners. This helps Nintendo to animate Labo, as you can imagine, but it could also inspire do-it-yourself creators to use Labo as a launching pad for their ideas.


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Disability rights groups express problems with Starbucks straw ban as the company responds


A Starbucks official contacted activists for the rights of people with disabilities on Saturday, a day before a planned protest against their recent ban on plastic straw, in what several disability rights groups said was the start of a direct conversation about the prohibition. [19659002] After Starbucks announced on July 9 that it would eliminate plastic straws from its stores by 2020, disability rights activists were concerned that the policy would exclude some people with disabilities. Several groups based in New York City, including the Center for the Independence of the Disabled and Disabled in Brooklyn, had planned to protest in front of a Starbucks in Union Square on the Sunday after the Annual Pride of Disability Parade.

Activists hoped the protest would help spread awareness of their concerns, but canceled it after a phone call with Starbucks Global Environment Director Rebecca Zimmer , who contacted the Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disabled to discuss the policy.

"It was clearly a response to our plans to protest," said Joseph Rappaport, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disabled (BCID).

Starbucks issued a statement on Friday specifying that the straws will be available to anyone who asks to use them. "Starbucks offers, and will continue to offer, sips to customers who need them or request them in our stores," the statement said.

BCID leaders say they want Starbucks to make sure there are single-use plastic straws, with no questions, for those who request them. On Saturday's call, Zimmer said Starbucks would provide sorbets to anyone who asked for it, but did not confirm that they would be plastic, according to Rappaport.

"To be clear, they have not complied with our demands, but we hope they will do so after continuing the conversation," Rappaport said.

Zimmer was not available for comment on Sunday. "We are pleased with the outcome and look forward to ongoing discussions on this subject," Sanja Gould, a spokesperson for Starbucks, told NewsHour Weekend via email.

The announcement by Starbucks that they would remove all the plastic straws from their stores has received praise from many environmentalists. But people with disabilities who rely on plastic straws to eat, drink and live their daily lives say that prohibiting straws would harm many in their community and that they were not included in the conversation.

"If you think about it, a straw seems so small and insignificant, but this seemingly insignificant thing only shows how little those policy makers and business owners pay attention to us, or want to receive our feedback," said Sharon Shapiro-Lacks. , member of the board of directors of BCID and executive director of Yad HaChazakah, a Jewish organization that advocates for people with disabilities.

"Removing plastic straws can cause many people with disabilities like me not to be able to eat or drink in a restaurant, in a cafe … it's more than just convenience, it's a necessity for people like us", He said.

READ NEXT: Growing awareness and awareness about design accessible to more people than ever

Starbucks is not the only company that is taking measures to eliminate plastic straws. Plastic straw bans have become increasingly popular online, with celebrities putting their weight behind the problem and users of social networks using the #stopsucking and #plasticfreeocean hashtags to show their support. Companies such as McDonalds, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Ikea and Hyatt are also working on the gradual elimination of plastic straws.

Seattle became the first major city to ban jails earlier this month, and others like New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are considering legislation to do the same. Scotland, Taiwan, Australia and Costa Rica also passed legislation on plastic straw. The Seattle law allows companies to store plastic straws for people who need them.

A painful 2015 viral video, showing a marine biologist removing a plastic straw wedged in the nose of a sea turtle, inspired support to ban plastic straws. in agreement with the ecologists who work to ban the straws. That, in addition to the growing public concern about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the microplastics in oceans and seafood, had made prohibiting straws seem like an easy victory for many ecologists and politicians, according to Rafael Espinal, author of a bill that would prohibit plastic straws in New York City.

Starbucks has said they are committed to finding plastic straw alternatives that work for everyone. But advocates for the rights of people with disabilities say they do not exist yet. The plastic straws are flexible, durable and can withstand high temperatures in case the user needs it to drink coffee or hot soup, for example. From now on, the defenders agree that no alternative seems to be able to do the same.

"Other types of sorbets simply do not offer the combination of strength, flexibility and safety that plastic straws have," Disability Rights Washington said in an open letter to the Seattle City Council.

The straws protrude from a glass in an illustration image in Loughborough, Great Britain, on April 19, 2018. Photo by Darren Staples / Reuters

The paper straws soak and disintegrate, a potential danger of suffocation. Biodegradable straws can not withstand high temperatures. Stainless steel straws are not flexible and can be potentially dangerous, cutting your mouth and gums if used incorrectly. If you are someone who has seizures, or poor motor function, or has difficulty controlling muscle groups, steel and glass straws may not be a safe option. And the new "adult glasses" from Starbucks may not work for people who can not bring a cup to their mouths.

"People want to solve this problem in a nanosecond, and it's not that simple," Rappaport said. "We have something that works, we have something that keeps people alive, and until we have an alternative, this is what we need to use."

Shapiro-Lacks, who has cerebral palsy, recently testified at a hearing on the New York City Council about not being able to access a straw in an outing with her husband.

"My husband had to hold my cup in my mouth so I could drink in a way that attracted the attention of the public," he said. "This compromises my privacy and dignity."

Starbucks is important because it sets an example for other companies that plan to ban straws, Shapiro-Lacks said.

"If we achieve a good solution with Starbucks, that will be greater, and if they deviate, it's a very poor example," he said.


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Monster Hunter World gets Moogles and more in Final Fantasy Themed Behemoth Update


The Capcom developers have been pulling out the updates for Monster Hunter World almost as if their lives depended on it (but I'm pretty sure not), giving players all kinds of – Promotional content , wardrobe and new items to collect. Capcom decided to take cross brand promotional efforts a step further by partnering with a similar Japanese publisher, Square Enix. The two Japanese publishing giants have revealed the joint effort of Moogles and other emblematic teams of the franchise Final Fantasy .

The preview of the last [crossover] Final Fantasy was published on the YouTube channel Monster Hunter . It opens with the classic "Prelude" by Nobuo Uematsu in its fully orchestrated version, and then shows a crystal and explains that after being attracted by Eetzeyte, Moogle makes an appearance in Monster Hunter World from 2 of August .

The fully orchestrated prelude kicks in when we see some cross-content in action, when the creatures and team of Final Fantasy XIV make an appearance on Monster Hunter World . The main boss featured in the trailer is the Behemoth of Square MMO, which looks powerful and majestic during the battle. He has his powerful legs at his disposal, but he can also ask for a meteor hit to make things harder for hunters.

It's hard not to get goose bumps listening to Umatsu's incomparable theme while all the content is highlighted in the two minute long trailer. We see some of the monsters of Final Fantasy making their way into the desert of Monster Hunter including special appearances of long-time enemies that appear in the Square series, such as the Cactuar. [19659005] The best part of the new content is that it will be part of a free title update for owners of PS4 and Xbox One starting August 2 next month. So you will not have to wait long to see the new hunts, get your hands on the new weapons and armor, and start fighting against some of Square Enix's most recognizable enemies from the popular MMORPG.

I'm almost in shock that we have not seen any Chocobos in the update. It seemed like the perfect way to make players spend money at the cash store.

Almost everyone in the comments section is absolutely enthusiastic about the new armor and armor you can make. The armor, in particular, bears the characteristic style Final Fantasy that looks a lot like the Dragoon gear of the old 16-bit JRPGs that come alive for the current generation.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Capcom will also soon release the game on Steam for PC shortly after the title update on August 9. I wonder if the content of Final Fantasy will make the cut or will it arrive a bit later? I think we'll know next month.


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Immersion in emergency oil reserves would be a mistake for the US UU., The Iranian official warns Trump


A senior Iranian oil official urged US President Donald Trump not to use the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices and, instead, suspend sanctions on Iran's oil exports.

"I advise you, Mr. President, to avoid touching the SPR – to cool down and renounce the sanction of Iranian oil," said Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, Iran's representative to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), by e-mail .

The Trump administration is actively considering tapping into the country's emergency oil inventories as political pressure increases before the legislative elections in November, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Trump is also trying to stifle Iran's oil exports after abandoning a nuclear deal with the country.

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"Mr. President, as I have anticipated before, it seems that you are resorting to the SPR due to the fact that there is no additional capacity to cover Iranian exports, but there will be many repercussions "said Kazempour.

Mr. Trump is pushing Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members to fill any supply gap that arises when the US sanctions. UU Reduce exports of Iranian crude. Iranian flows could be cut in half once the US sanctions come into effect on November 4, according to the International Energy Agency. The country sends around 2.5 million barrels per day.

U.S. The government teams recently visited Saudi Arabia to ensure that global markets continue to supply adequately after the deadline. Producers such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia have announced their intention to increase supply.

"Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia intended to deliver 2.5 million barrels per day of Iranian exports," said Mr. Kazempour. He said. "That was a miscalculation, Mr. President: it has fallen into its trap, and prices will rise."

It is not the first time that the Iranian official responds to Mr. Trump's policies. Earlier this month, Mr. Kazempour said the President's tweets criticizing OPEC had raised oil prices by around $ 10 a barrel.

"If in Iran we left our exports for only a month to show what it can contribute to the world economy, you would have thought twice," said Kazempour. "But we are a civilized nation and a responsible government."

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